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We’re a Delhi based Law Firm with 20 years experience in Revenue Sector. Our team have many experienced and highly qualified members. We provide legal solutions in Mortgage, Sales Deed, Real-estate document drafting and many more services with professionalism.

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Our experienced staff committed to serve your legal matters with professionalism and with serious studies on it. We’re obliged to serve you with proper solutions.

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Sale Deed Registration

A Sale Deed is legal agreement executed between seller and purchaser for transfer of immovable property.Learn More »

Lease/Rent Deed Registration

A Lease/Rent Deed Registration is legal agreement executed between owner and tenant for to periodic sum of money (rent) to use immovable property of owner.Learn More »

Registration of Will

Registration of Will is a declaration by the owner which transfer his/her rights to others after his death.Learn More »

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is an instrument that is used to give authority to other on behalf of the principal.Learn More »

Agreement to Sale

Agreement to Sale is a contact that binds the buyer or the vendor to buy or sale the property.Learn More »

Gift Deed

Gift Deed refers to a transfer of movable or immovable goods.Learn More »


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